Human Monclonal Mab

Lab Reagents

Human Monoclonal Laboratories manufactures the human monclonal mab reagents distributed by Genprice. The Human Monclonal Mab reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact human monoclonal. Other Human products are available in stock. Specificity: Human Category: Monclonal Group: Mab

Mab information

Mouse Anti-Human CD133 mAb

CS001-100ug 100ug
EUR 572.4

Mouse Anti-Human CD133 mAb

CS001-25ug 25ug
EUR 242.4

Mouse Anti-Human CD3 mAb

P1059-25ug 25ug
EUR 154.8

Mouse Anti-Human CD8 mAb

P1060-25ug 25ug
EUR 163.2

Mouse Anti-Human CD68 mAb

P1061-25ug 25ug
EUR 181.2

Mouse Anti-Human CD47 mAb

P1068-25ug 25ug
EUR 267.6

anti-human Fc mAb, AP

E409B01-AP100 100μL
EUR 294

anti-human Fc mAb, HRP

E409B01-HRP100 100μL
EUR 520.8

Human mannose receptor (CD206) Mab

QZBMR15-2-100 100 ug IgG
EUR 324

Human mannose receptor (CD206) Mab

QZBMR15-2-500 500 ug IgG
EUR 888

Anti-?-Actin (BA3R) Loading Control Monoclonal Antibody

ABP-MAB-BL002 100 ug Ask for price

Anti-DYKDDDDK (FLAG) Tag (FG4R) Monoclonal Antibody

ABP-MAB-DT006 100 ug Ask for price

Anti-ERK1 (E32) Signal Transduction Monoclonal Antibody

ABP-MAB-ES001 100 ug Ask for price

Anti-ERK1 (E19) Signal Transduction Monoclonal Antibody

ABP-MAB-ES002 100 ug Ask for price

Anti-ERK1/2 (E31R) Signal Transduction Monoclonal Antibody

ABP-MAB-ES003 100 ug Ask for price

Anti-GAPDH (GA1R) Loading Control Monoclonal Antibody

ABP-MAB-GL001 100 ug Ask for price

Anti-GST Tag (GST.B6 / G2R) Monoclonal Antibody

ABP-MAB-GT003 100 ug Ask for price