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At Arbor Assays, we wish your enter into how our merchandise carry out in your arms and what we might do to spice up them. A wide range of firms cope together with your enter as a burden (some even make it nearly not attainable with the intention to depart your strategies, or work together with them). We welcome your useful strategies and strategies on how our in-house designed merchandise carry out in your capabilities.

Arbor Assays LLC was common in July 2007 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by three scientists with over 50 years mixed expertise in designing, manufacturing, analyzing and transport FDA regulated life science and scientific merchandise worldwide. Two of the founders have labored at Abbott Labs Diagnostics Division, Kallestad Diagnostics, Sanofi Diagnostics, R&D Functions, and in 1992 based Assay Designs, Inc.  Assay Designs grew from 2 part-time employees to differ into a significant worldwide provider of immunoassay and detection kits, and in 2007, was acquired by one totally different company. We wished to rekindle the spirit from 1992 in founding Arbor Assays.

Our Philosophy

Arbor Assays’ company philosophy is to assemble the right top of the range detection and immunoassay merchandise for clinically necessary biomolecules. Our essential purchaser focus is pharmaceutical and scientific scientists. We assemble sturdy immunoassay and enzyme practice kits to quantitate biomolecules in pure matrices. We enjoyment of taking over enchancment of primarily most likely probably the most technically robust assays! The pleasing of establishing a bundle that makes any particular person’s job easier, or permits the measurement of 1 issue beforehand not measurable, is what drives us. And we’re pushed!

High quality is paramount to our success. We should not be going to regulate to the pattern of assorted firms in contracting out companies equal to pure chemistry, peptide synthesis or polyclonal and monoclonal antibody manufacturing to no matter nation can present most likely probably the most worth environment friendly labor.

The standard of the product will endure. So we return to the an equivalent top quality suppliers (and buddies), principally ones we’ve acknowledged from our FDA-regulated diagnostics employment, even when it’s going to value extra. The standard of the analytical measurement is proportional to the standard of the uncooked gives.


Arbor assays
Arbor assays

At Arbor Assays, we’re totally dedicated to purchaser help and we’ll make each effort to fulfill your scientific wishes. A part of this philosophy is shared by one totally different Ann Arbor-based institution, the Zingerman’s Group of Companies, which comprises (amongst completely totally different factors) among the many finest deli contained in the US correct now. Zingerman’s embraces the next conviction, as talked about on a Zingerman’s net web page: “We have now all the time believed that our buyers can inform the excellence between mediocre and marvelous.

The fact that whereas opponents will improve daily, good numbers of food-loving people proceed to go looking their means all one of the best ways proper right down to Detroit Avenue to eat merely reinforces that notion.” We preserve the an equivalent firm notion contained in the judgment of our buyers.  To paraphrase, even when opponents will improve daily, good numbers of science-loving people proceed to go looking their reply to Arbor Assays to buy our distinctive merchandise, reinforcing that notion.


What Interactive Assay Decisions™ means to you, the consumer, is that we’re dedicated to offering you with assay firms and merchandise that meet your wishes. Which implies we work with you to develop top quality kits and customised assays that meet your necessities.

That is the place your interplay with us is crucial. We want your dependable and thorough enter into every issue from the assay specs (on which we’ll work intently with you to stipulate and develop) to the final phrase tales and/or manufactured product. On account of those initiatives can take many months to finish and embrace a substantial funding of time and money from each event, now we have now to know your clear expectations up entrance.

Arbor Assays merchandise for quite a few analysis areas (Cell signaling, Irritation, metabolism, oxidative stress …) :

  • DETECTX merchandise : EIA kits, Assay kits, and reagents
  • ABX antibodies and affinity resins
  • Inhibitors and activators
  • Detection methods
  • Elements and ancillary reagents

MonoMe Lys4 Histone H3 Polyclonal, Rabbit, 100UL

A005-100UL 100UL
EUR 315.6

DiMe Lys4 Histone H3 Polyclonal, Rabbit, 100UL

A006-100UL 100UL
EUR 315.6

TriMe Lys4 Histone H3 Polyclonal, Rabbit, 100UL

A007-100UL 100UL
EUR 315.6

Goat Anti-Mouse IgG Fc, 10MG

A008-10MG 10MG
EUR 321.6

Goat Anti-Mouse IgG Fc, 25MG

A008-25MG 25MG
EUR 583.2

Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG Fc, 10MG

A009-10MG 10MG
EUR 321.6

Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG Fc, 25MG

A009-25MG 25MG
EUR 583.2

Donkey Anti-Sheep IgG (H&L), 10MG

A010-10MG 10MG
EUR 321.6

Donkey Anti-Sheep IgG (H&L), 25MG

A010-25MG 25MG
EUR 583.2

PGE2 Monoclonal Antibody (clone 5A2), 50UG

A011-50UG 50UG
EUR 704.4

Glutathione Monoclonal, 50UG

A001-50UG 50UG
EUR 315.6

DyLight® 488 Labeled Glutathione Monoclonal, 50UG

A001F-50UG 50UG
EUR 436.8

DyLight® 550 Labeled Glutathione Monoclonal, 50UG

A001T-50UG 50UG
EUR 436.8

L-Cysteine Monoclonal, 50UG

A002-50UG 50UG
EUR 315.6

LSD1 Polyclonal Antibody, Rabbit, 100UL

A003-100UL 100UL
EUR 315.6

Formaldehyde Standard, 500UL

C001-500UL 500UL
EUR 147.6

DetectX® Formaldehyde Reagent, 5ML

C002-5ML 5ML
EUR 573.6

Creatinine Standard, 100UL

C003-100UL 100UL
EUR 147.6

Creatinine Standard, 1ML

C003-1ML 1ML
EUR 284.4

DetectX® Creatinine Reagent, 20ML

C004-20ML 20ML
EUR 321.6

Creatinine Color Reagent, 28ML

C004-28ML 28ML
EUR 321.6

DetectX® Creatinine Reagent, 50ML

C004-50ML 50ML
EUR 430.8

RBP Standard, 60UL

C009-60UL 60UL
EUR 147.6

DetectX® RBP Conjugate, 5ML

C010-5ML 5ML
EUR 284.4

DetectX® RBP Antibody, 13ML

C011-13ML 13ML
EUR 902.4

DetectX® RBP Antibody, 3ML

C011-3ML 3ML
EUR 284.4

ThioStar® Detection Reagent, 1EA

C012-1EA 1EA
EUR 278.4

N-Acetylcysteine Standard, 220UL

C013-220UL 220UL
EUR 147.6

RBP Standard, 240UL

C014-240UL 240UL
EUR 272.4

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